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ECHIGOYA in Akihabara

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We've been dealing with Military gear and guns for over 18 years.. As the biggest military shop in Akiba, we have a wide variety of selections from beginners to advanced users. Our expert staff members can answer all of your questions regarding this type of matter. We have specific parts from Tokyo's Marui, and can proudly say that we have a large imported selection as well. Need to tune your air guns? Bring it right to us, and we'll fix it right up as well!

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Address 東京都千代田区外神田3-8-9 昌徳ビル2F
TEL 03-5289-7009
URL http://echigoya-tokyo.jp
Business Hours 11:00〜22:00(Mon.-Sat.&Before holidays)
11:00〜21:00(Sun&National holidays)

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