akihabara online is introducing the shop in Akihabara.

akihabara online


About Ads

Just now! Specially!
You can put your ad in 1000yen per month!

Do not you advertise your site here?
After reviewing the notes, please fill in the application form and send.

Point to Notice

・The fee is a lump sum.
・File format is gif, jpg, png only.
・You can freely replace the banner, if the term of the agreement.
・Ad rates are subject to change without notice.
・We might ask a favor of advertising design changes that significantly disrupt the design of the site.
・If we have a lot of offer, we might closed your offer.

Form for Ads

Store Name ※Required
staff Name ※Required
Mail ※Required
Link URL ※Required
Alt tag
Banner ※Required
※File size can be sent up to 1MB.